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Retail sale of electrical household appliances in specialised stores (4754), NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) : It has previously been bought for a multiple re-use license which is still valid. Sorry your purchase has been declined because your account is on hold. Office and shop equipment, General traders, department and retail stores, Precious stoneworking, watchmaking and jewellery, Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment, Packaging machinery, equipment and services, Electro-medical apparatus for non-invasive diagnosis, Equipment and instruments for medical laboratories, Blood, plasma and serum chemistry analysers, Sterilisation equipment, medical laboratory, Electrocardiographic apparatus and equipment, Medical electronic appliances for vascular rhythm or breathing pulse, for diastolic or systolic pressure, Accident prevention devices and equipment, industrial, Access control, security and surveillance systems, Access control systems, voice recognition, Access control systems, audio-visual (AV), Access control systems, door entry, intercom, Steam turbines, action (impulse, constant pressure), Motors, AC, single phase, repulsion, over 1 kW, Motors, AC, medium voltage (MV), over 1 kW, Motors, linear, variable reluctance, over 1 kW, Motors, vertical, hollow shaft, over 1 kW, Motors, flameproof and explosion proof, over 1 kW, Motors, high temperature resistant, over 1 kW, Motors, over 1 kW, for lifts, elevators and mechanical handling equipment, Motors, over 1 kW, for the nuclear industry, Motors, over 1 kW, for industrial sewing machines, Motors, over 1 kW, with electronic regulation, Motors, over 1 kW, to customer specification, Motors, AC, single phase, repulsion, up to 1 kW, Motors, AC, single phase, repulsion start induction, up to 1 kW, Motors, capacitor and capacitor start, up to 1 kW, Motors, flameproof and explosion proof, up to 1 kW, Motors, high temperature resistant, up to 1 kW, Motors, awning, blind, and shutter operating, up to 1 kW, Motors for surgical applications, up to 1 kW, Motors, up to 1 kW, for lifts, elevators and mechanical handling equipment, Motors, up to 1 kW, for fans and ventilators, Motors, up to 1 kW, to customer specification, Electric motor control centres, low voltage (LV), Electric motor control centres, high voltage (HV), Shaft couplings to customer specification, Clutches, friction, electrically operated, Clutches, friction, pneumatically operated, Clutches, friction, hydraulically operated, Variable speed equipment for industrial power transmission, Reduction units, industrial, variable speed, Heating appliances, domestic, electric NES, Generator sets, steam turbine and turbo-generator, Transformers and auto-transformers, up to 1 kVA, Transformers and auto-transformers, over 1 kVA, Transformers and auto-transformers, water-cooled, Transformers and auto-transformers, oil immersed, Transformers and auto-transformers, air-cooled, Transformers, phase converting (Scott, Leblanc and Court), Transformers and auto-transformers, variable ratio, Transformers, flameproof and explosion proof, Transformers and auto-transformers, by use, Switchboards and control panels, computer controlled, Switchboards and control panels for generator sets, Distribution boards and switchboards, explosion proof, Distribution boards and switchboards, watertight, Distribution boards and switchboards, dust proof, Distribution boards, switchboards and busbars, electric lighting, Distribution boards, switchboards and busbars, electric traction, Distribution boards, switchboards and busbars, marine use, Distribution indicator panels, mimic diagram, Cabinets or frames, electric power transmission and distribution, Armatures for switchboards and switch-boxes, Windows for switchboards and switch-boxes, Grilles and protection frames for electric distribution boards, Fuses, semiconductor and rectifier protection, Circuit breakers, sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), Spark suppressors, relay and circuit breaker, Circuit breakers to customer specification, Protection systems and equipment, electric rotary machines, Protection systems and equipment, transformer, Protection systems and equipment, power line, Protection systems and equipment, telephone line and plant, Protection systems and equipment, distribution board, switchboard and busbar, Protection systems and equipment, power station, Feeder protection equipment, carrier current system, Switches, lever operated (toggle switches), Switches and circuit breakers, miniature and subminiature, Tachogenerators combined with encoder and overspeed switch, Switches, explosion proof and intrinsically safe, Switches for heating or cooking appliances, Relays, photoelectric, street lighting control, Electric relays to customer specification, Isolating switches, pantograph (current collector), Starters, automatic, for standby generators, Soft starters, three phase motor, start/stop, Controllers, electric, to customer specification, Controllers, electric, engine start and management, Controllers, electric, automatic, material flow, Capacitors, fixed, mica and silvered mica, Capacitors, fixed, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polyester film, Capacitors, fixed, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Capacitors, fixed, miniature and subminiature, Capacitors, fixed, power factor correction, Capacitors, fixed, pulse/impulse generator, Capacitors, fixed, printed circuit board (PCB), Capacitors, semi-fixed, air or solid insulation, Power supplies, precision, high voltage (HV), Power supplies, DC, extra high voltage (EHV), Power supply units for communication systems, Fittings, tungsten halogen lamp, electric, Fittings, mercury discharge lamp, electric, Fittings, sodium discharge lamp, electric, Fittings, ultraviolet (UV) lamp, electric, Fittings, wall mounted lamp, wall brackets, electric, Lamps, filament, floodlight, spotlight and internal reflector, Components and accessories for electric lighting fixtures, Raising and lowering gear for lighting equipment, Lighting equipment, light emitting diode (LED), Electric lighting equipment, low voltage (LV), indoor, Electric lighting equipment, indoor, to customer specification, Electric lighting equipment, indoor, by type, Electric lighting equipment for display windows and showcases, Electric lighting equipment for furniture, Nuclear engineering plant, installations and equipment, Nuclear reactor interlock and safety systems, Power supplies, encapsulated, printed circuit board (PCB), plug-in, Controllers, thyristor or power transistor operated, Controllers, electronic couple, industrial, Electronic assemblies, miniature and subminiature, Cores, strip wound, for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) applications, Potted components, electronic potted assemblies, Chassis and frames for communications and electronics components, Containers, screened, for electronic equipment, to customer specification, Electronic relays to customer specification, Control modules to customer specification, Control systems, electronic, to customer specification, Telecommunication systems, synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) and synchronous optical network (SONET), Telecommunication systems, carrier frequency, Telecommunication systems, wireless, broadband networks, Line communication systems, facsimile (fax), Permutators and distribution frames, telecommunication, Telecommunication switching systems, message, Public network transmission equipment, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), Telecommunication systems, local exchange, Telecommunication equipment, local exchange, Telephone branch exchanges, private (PBX), Line communication systems, optical fibre, Telemetry systems to customer specification, Telephones, coin operated, prepayment (payphones), Telephones, magnetic card operated (payphones, cardphones), Electrical measuring and controlling instruments, Electrical measuring instruments, panel mounting, Instruments for measuring electrical currents, Instruments for measuring electrical frequencies, Measuring instruments for electromagnetic waves, Tracing appliances, electronic, industrial, Accessories for scales, balances and weighing systems, Testing equipment for the electrical industry, Test equipment, extra high voltage (EHV), electrical, Telecommunication measuring and testing equipment, Electrical test equipment, telephone transmission equipment, Controllers, automatic, on-off, two position and floating action, Control systems, automatic, electric (excluding synchros), Control systems, automatic, flame or explosion proof, Control systems, automatic, for the mechanical engineering industry, Control systems, automatic, plating plant, Control systems, electronic, woodworking machine, Control systems, electronic, for computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools, to customer specification, Control systems, automatic, for cupolas and cupola recorders, Control systems, automatic, coke ovens and gasworks, Control systems, automatic, power station, Control systems, automatic, electricity distribution and transmission, Control systems, automatic, cement industry, Control systems, automatic, materials handling and conveyors, Control systems, automatic, printing and bookbinding machinery, Control systems, electronic, road making and maintenance machinery, Control systems, automatic, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), Control systems, automatic, boilers and steam generators, Control systems, automatic, boiler programming, Control systems, automatic, air traffic control, Control systems, automatic, engine protection and turbines, Control systems, automatic, engine test bed, Control systems, automatic, marine engines and turbines, automatic engine room controls, Control systems, automatic, marine ballast, Control systems, automatic, liquid cargo and ullage, Control systems, automatic, for dry-cleaning machines, Control systems, automatic, textile manufacturing, Control systems, automatic, marshalling yard, Control systems, automatic, agricultural applications, Control systems, automatic, dairy and food industry, Control systems, automatic, brewing and distilling, Control systems, automatic, for mining machinery and equipment, Control systems, automatic, furnaces and heat treatment plant, Control systems, automatic, controlled atmosphere furnaces, Control systems, automatic, iron and steelworks, Control systems, automatic, forging plant, Control systems, automatic, for welding machines, Control systems, automatic, telecommunications, Control systems, automatic, photographic processing, Control systems, automatic, packaging machinery, Control systems, automatic, weighing and blending, Control systems, automatic, industrial effluent and sewage, Machinery and equipment for the food industry NES, Drinks industry machinery and equipment NES, Computers, desktop/personal computers (PCs), Memory chips, EPROM (erasable programmable read only memory), Integrated computer systems, cash management and processing, Integrated computer systems, production monitoring and control, Integrated computer systems, financial dealing communications, Software, industrial automation and robotics, Electronic data processing (EDP) services, Information technology (IT) outsourcing services, Information technology (IT) network management services, Information technology (IT) auditing and consulting services, Information technology (IT) security consultants, Information Communication Technologies (ICT) services, Information technology (IT) project management services, Monitoring machinery and equipment for oil and gas extraction, Control systems, automatic, oil and gas industry, Control systems, automatic, for pipelines, Control systems, automatic, chemical plant and petroleum refining, Railway electrification installations, overhead, Servo-controls for automation applications, Servo-controls for television and film studio equipment, Automation systems, solar energy industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms, humidity and temperature control applications, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the telecommunication equipment industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the plastics industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the transport industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms for agricultural applications, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the food and beverage industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the chemical industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, Automation systems and servomechanisms for laboratories, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the textile industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the footwear industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the paper industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the printing industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms for mining, Automation systems and servomechanisms for quarrying, Automation systems and servomechanisms for goods handling, Automation systems and servomechanisms for machine tools, Automation systems and servomechanisms for foundries and rolling mills, Automation systems and servomechanisms for metal pressing lines, Automation systems and servomechanisms for buildings, Automation systems and servomechanisms for the nuclear industry, Automation systems and servomechanisms for power stations, Automation systems and servomechanisms for sawmills, Linear transporters/positioners, electric, electronic, Automation systems to customer specification, Industrial robot components, automated equipment accessories, Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) services, Pantographs/current collectors, tram and trolleybus, Tachometers, speed recording, for locomotives, Pantographs/current collectors, electric railway, Signalling and safety equipment for railways and tramways, Signalling equipment and installations, electrical, railway, Signalling equipment and installations, electromechanical, railway, Signalling equipment and installations, electro-pneumatic, railway, Signalling equipment and installations, automatic interlocking, railway, Controls, electrical, for points and switches, railway, Signalling and control systems, centralised, for underground railway networks, Road traffic regulating and controlling equipment and accessories, Traffic-light systems for factories and tunnels, Automatic control systems for road traffic, Electrical installation contractors with own design department, Electrical power installation contractors, industrial premises, Electrical power installation contractors for residential and commercial buildings, Railway signalling and control system installation contractors, Hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plant installation contractors, Low voltage (LV) system installation contractors, High voltage (HV) distribution system contractors, Electricity transformer, distribution station and substation installation contractors, Marine electrical installation contractors, Wind generator installation and assembly contractors, Street lighting installation and maintenance contractors, Electric lighting installation contractors, industrial and commercial premises, Electric lighting installation contractors, hazardous areas, Telecommunication installation contractors, Base stations, global system for mobile communication (GSM), contractors, Wind energy production equipment parts and accessories, Wind motors and wind generators, horizontal axis, Data logging, control and telemetry equipment for wind motors and wind generators, Hybrid renewable energy production equipment, parts and accessories, Power systems, solar power or wind energy, for remote areas, Electric cable laying engineering consultants, Street lighting management services and consultants, Lighting for public buildings, services and consultants, Electromechanical installations engineering consultants, Electric goods design and development consultants, Electrical laboratory equipment design and development consultants, Development and experimental electrical engineering consultants, Electricity advisory services, industrial, Electronic and telecommunications engineering consultants, Development and experimental electronic engineering consultants, Telecommunications engineering consultants, Telephone installation design and development consultants, Electromechanical design and development services, Heat and energy technology research and development, Electrical and electronics engineering research and development, Laboratories and research centres for automation and numerical control.