The best area to fish !Twitter - - Store Why would I want to continue running any of these missions or aspiring to even remotely attempt the Alpha missions if I can simply get better loot from loot crates in caves or on the surface on other maps? Now we just need to work on the fact too many of the high tier ones reward literally nothing, the majority of them are broken and don't scale quality with difficulty, making them actually reward blueprints so we can care 100x more about what we're looting, and dramatically increase the overall value of the stuff we're receiving for these absurdly difficult Alpha challenges, and we probably have a winner here. "King of Swing" Grand Prix A Captain's Conquest Allo and Goodbye Along Came Pollen Another Bog Hunt Bog Beatdown Bog Fishin' Bog Rally Bottle-nosed Blitz Built Fjord Tough Chasing the White Whale Cheaper by the Pack Corrupted Avatar Onslaught! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Why are the specific items tied to some of these so hilariously awful? Currently, if you receive any of the new Genesis-specific loot, and if that loot would have rolled Ramshackle quality or above, it instead rolls much much higher Item Quality than usual. ARK: Genesis Resource Map Location Guide. It's especially not worth it when you consider how difficult these Alpha missions can be - this is some of the hardest content I've ever seen in this game. Heres a tutorial on how to modify loot drops without the use of mods in the server. So, let me make sure I understand this correctly. However we've gotten multiples of most of the stuff on the same loot table as the Rex Saddle though, so it's just a … The Location is marked on a buried treasure map, which are found in ocean ruins and shipwrecks. Press J to jump to the feed. The Loot Crates seem to operate on the 10K being the Fishing Loot Table, the 20K being the Yellow Orbital Drop Table, and the 35K being the Red/Purple Table (I'm not sure which because the difference is like one or two items, but it's probably the Red table). This makes missions without X-Dino variants much much much easier. The Loot Crates seem to operate on the 10K being the Fishing Loot Table, the 20K being the Yellow Orbital Drop Table, and the 35K being the Red/Purple Table (I'm not sure which because the difference is like one or two items, but it's probably the Red table). Take advantage of it while you can. There are two kinds of loot in Genesis - random drops that pull from a large table of loot that encompasses everything there is, and mission specific drops that are pulled from a table designed specifically for the mission in question. Dead Heat Deer-ly Departed Dodoball Shot Clock … Really guys? Titanosaur Saddle? I'm going to break this post in to three sections - factual statements that help you better understand the loot system, a breakdown of the assumed bugs and broken content relating to the system, and lastly my own personal opinions pertaining to the current system and what they could do to seriously improve it. PPS. The Megachelon and Magmasaur Saddles and Mining Drills seem to appear occasionally in the general random loot table, but Whale Saddles only seem to appear in the tables for Moeder and the probably broken Ruffle Some Feathers mission. Great! What, was there some rule of not being able to put each of the Flak pieces in more than one mission each? But there are also animals, like the therizinosaur, that ARE on Genesis that don't have ANY missions that regularly drop saddles for them. Currently all missions only reward singletons and never blueprints, unless it's one of the newer Genesis items as mentioned above. If you do the beta version of it a common loot is an ascendant megachelon saddle. When you complete a mission, you will receive guaranteed items from the mission specific drops in addition to random drops from the larger table. All missions seem to be properly giving loot on all difficulty tiers. well looks like its time to ruffle some feathers then! This page is to collect all the subpages of Mission loot of Genesis: Part 1 under one roof. Mon-Thu: 8:00am-16:30pm , Fri 8:00am-16:00pm. All missions seem to be properly giving loot with an item quality scaling with the difficulty of the mission. Any time a mission rewards you with loot, you'll receive loot with item quality value dependent on the difficulty tier. Do not add section headers or other elements that depend on page flow. And sometimes i get a box mostly full of random resources equivalent to a raptor claus gift box with consumables and … Sometimes it's an excellent box, with ascendant or tek blueprints, and/or ascendant/mastercraft items. ark loot tables the center. Anyone have any other confirmed loot from specific missions? They're easy to find.). A new breed of open-world dinosaur survival game, now on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam Windows/Mac/Linux! All loot was primitive level, Just did this mission and got pretty identical loot, Yeah I wanna know where you could get a mining drill besides crafting one, I got one from a kill mission I think it was the sarco one, Roll rat saddle and charge later a from skiff race, The Rhino 500 gives mainly Tek swords, brontosaurus platform saddles and sarco saddles, Moeder gives space whale saddles and tek claws, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Welcome to the Ark: Survival Evolved Subreddit, Press J to jump to the feed. Seriously? Ark Alpha Loot Table Ark loot tables genesis. (I've been asked about coordinates for missions many times now in PMs - I didn't list them for this reason. This /u/daymeeuhn has once again been brought to you by Singularity on CA8 (also known as the best CrossArk), I played on crossark 7 which is its sister cluster. Locked and loaded has the potential for pongnecks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Almost every single mission has either entire difficulty tiers lacking proper loot rewards (Alpha on Hunts, Beta on Gauntlets, Gamma on Races) or has broken item quality scaling based on the difficulty. So the odds of getting a pick from the High Tier BP table is slim. By only offering primitive and ramshackle quality crap on over 50% of the missions right now, there is almost zero incentive to try and push for higher tier difficulty. This can be VERY handy in a pinch if you feel overwhelmed and think you're going to die. i watched alot of loot crates being opened in videos and did quite a few myselfe, but no mining drill. In case anyone wants to get a harpoon gun from bog fishing I found a way to make it easier. Who thought making two out of the three specific drops for the mission "Who Hid the Squid?" Do wonder if there are higher tiered ones in the loot tables. Changed ocean platforms to be Blueprints only in mission rewards (toInto ARK Survival Evolved [Ru]? The missions seem to either have specific loot tables or weighted loot. Sadly, the current system does not live up to the hype for me, and I'll explain why. hide. Gacha? The other 30% are flooded with useless d o g s h i t items no one in their right mind would ever farm for. These missions SHOULD be rewarding singletons OR blueprints to make progression more streamlined. X-Yutys in general in Genesis just seem to be quite deadly... Alpha missions are some of the most difficult content I've seen in all my years of ARK and will require full teams of Tank/DPS/Buffs/Healer in most situations using high level bred dinos with imprints. Extinction literally dropped down on our heads with insanely valuable Purple Orbital Drop defense waves, creating some of the best loot we've ever seen in the game. Also, harpoon launcher drops from ice fishing in arctic biome. Who knows. Beta missions seem to be doable with high level good tames and decent saddles, but you'll definitely want a Mate boost in the mix and probably at least 2-3 people to be safe. There is a rather large spike in difficulty in some particular missions, such as the aforementioned "Ruffle Some Feathers" mission. The entry weight for the high tier BPs is like 0.025, while the weapons/armor/saddles entry weight is like 1.0, each. Home; About; Services; Team; Contact; ark fishing loot Don't attempt these unless you're FULLY prepared. Definitely duo-able on basic tames with primitive saddles, probably soloable if you bring some backup dancers on follow with you. Now just toss us a bone and add Shark, Rex and Tapejara Tek Saddles with Item Quality! It's just weird in it's current form and, again, not something you'd ever want to farm unless you ABSOLUTELY had to. Why are these nowhere to be found? You know the bug where you can walk out of the Bog Beatdown area and then have a tame outside munch through the wall to beat it easily? The loot table for these is really weird. There are two kinds of loot in Genesis - random drops that pull from a large table of loot that encompasses everything there is, and mission specific drops that are pulled from a table designed specifically for the mission in question. This page is a master page to collect the loot table sub pages of The Island under its roof. You can catch the piranhas with your own so don’t have to avoid them and they weigh up good. A heart of the sea is a rare item that can be crafted into a conduit. All of this has been noted on the spreadsheet. For example, people say they are getting Megachelon saddles from Dodo basketball and I was able to get an ascendant one there. An oversight? EDIT: As noted, this has all been fixed. The difficulty tiers that are currently rewarding zero loot really need to get fixed ASAP. The missions seem to either have specific loot tables or weighted loot. These Alpha Hunt missions are genuinely harder than Dragon, Manticore, Rockwell or Moeder. Blueprints are way, way too unreliable from the "Loot Crates" in the Hexagon shop (more on those later) to justify completely pulling them from these tables. This page is designed to be included in other pages using {{:Loot Tables/Genesis: Part 1/Missions/Wave Ray 64}}. ARK: Genesis is an expansion that offers five new weapons, most of which are Tek-tier weapons.This means that in order to craft them and be able to use them, players need to obtain their Tekgrams first. Currently it seems that mission marks that spawn Brute variants that correspond with X-Dinos from Genesis are exponentially harder to kill, due to their X-Dino bonuses relating to the species compounding with the Brute boosts. Make like 30 of your fishing nets then use those instead of the mission one. Hopefully this helps you pick the right one if you're looking for specific loot. #6. Whoever designed the mission specific loot tables on these either doesn't really actually play or understand this game, doesn't understand how to assess proper reward for the difficulty, or just doesn't really like us as players. Hooray! Not an official support channel. I have years of experience giving critical feedback under NDA and would have no issue communicating stuff like this directly to you before a launch in an effort to help make the game the best it can be instead of having to throw it up on Reddit like this instead. Keep doing what you're doing, Genesis is great. Thanks! Lets start with the formula used to make 1 line of code for the airdrop. ARK: Genesis Bloodstalker Location and Taming Guide. Why doesn't that method give loot for me but it worked for a streamer? It offers ALL of the new Genesis items, such as the saddles, the Mining Drill, the Tek Claws and even the Tek Sensors, while also giving a healthy supply of saddles and armor. Why are so many of the items in these tables relating to dinos not even found on the map? If the currently only working Alpha mission loot from Gauntlets are any indication, the Item Quality here simply is not very good. EDIT: This has now been fixed. ark loot tables genesis, Hang by one of these large turtles to make sure it gets tamed. The replicator is a device that enables you to craft various Tek items, along with the Tek Hover Skiff, in the game. Caves Supply Crates Deep Sea This spreadsheet is divided by zone using the bottom tabs, and lists the name of every mission in the zone, the type of mission it is (I've listed them as Boss, Gauntlet, Hunt, Checkpoint, Collection, Race, Fishing, Travel, and Minigame), the currently expected quality range of the items you'll receive, the mission specific drops relating to the mission, and any notes clarifying the broken elements shown in red. Astrocetus Tek Saddles with Item Quality is something we've wanted to see for a long time! Anyone know where to get long necks*? Played dodo ball all for the loot. The missions offering absolutely nothing above Ramshackle regardless of difficulty also really need to get fixed ASAP. If anyone finds a mistake in a common drop, or an omission, feel free to contact me. We spam bought 10K boxes to get a Crossbow BP as it shares the Fishing loot table and drops them relatively frequently. Edit: I got a 225 asc harpoon, apr bronto saddle, and some ramshackle stuff and a glow stick. PS. Every time new content in a game is released, the goal for the overall design of the content should be to raise the bar, even if it's ever so slightly, to keep us interested and engaged as players. 1 Obtaining 1.1 Chest loot 2 Usage 2.1 Crafting 3 Data values 3.1 ID 4 History 5 Issues 6 Trivia Can be obtained from a buried treasure. This includes Mining Drills, Megachelon Saddles, Magmasaur Saddles and Astrocetus Tek Saddles. Why they thought using loot tables that include items like Mana and Gacha saddles from other maps is beyond me though... they should have used cave loot tables instead, but I digress. Ruffle some Feathers now occasionally bugs out and stops displaying tracks/spawning the yuty, and when it dose work it no longer gives loot only Hexagons. Also, some non-loot related tips and tricks for missions to help you out, You can find any mission by hitting the "Track" button on the top of your screen in any mission page while in the appropriate biome.